Photo pick-me-ups

Do you ever take photographs that just don’t come out like you imagined? In the example of this before and after photo I shot of Big Ben in London, the image of the gorgeous tower against the bright blue sky seemed very appealing to me as I saw it with my own eyes, yet when I actually took the photograph I wasn’t impressed. When I take photographs of subjects with the sky as a background, I tend to like a sky full of big, fluffy white clouds to add some interest and depth to the sky… that was not the case in this picture. 

Therefore, I took to my editing skills and love for the antique and old-fashioned, and added a sepia tone filter and lots of contrast to add a personal touch to this photograph. With this editing style, the sky is most often blown out. In this case, it is not a problem, because the sky was nothing to write home about, and adds to the artistic element of the photo, all the while placing the focus on the tower itself.




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