Connor’s Senior Pictures

We did this shoot out on my aunt’s ranch in Nebraska. Connor also happens to be my little cousin, so I was super excited to take these. It’s crazy to think he (and myself) are all grown up. Seems like yesterday we were just little kids and here he is already a senior in High School. I’m very proud of him and who he’s grown up to be.


Big happy family

They were such a happy bunch to photograph. They were completely full of laughs and energy; I was in tears throughout the whole shoot from laughing so hard. There is no one definition to fit every family, there are no such thing as “normal” families… they are an inspiring reminder of the importance of love and being happy, regardless of what your family is or isn’t. 


Sydnee & Max

Nope… this wasn’t their wedding day. They’ve actually been married for a number of months now. I had an assignment to photograph a bride and groom, and they got all dressed up and relived the feeling as my models. Pretty convincing though; it’s easy to see their love is real, even if this wasn’t the real day!


Photo pick-me-ups

Do you ever take photographs that just don’t come out like you imagined? In the example of this before and after photo I shot of Big Ben in London, the image of the gorgeous tower against the bright blue sky seemed very appealing to me as I saw it with my own eyes, yet when I actually took the photograph I wasn’t impressed. When I take photographs of subjects with the sky as a background, I tend to like a sky full of big, fluffy white clouds to add some interest and depth to the sky… that was not the case in this picture. 

Therefore, I took to my editing skills and love for the antique and old-fashioned, and added a sepia tone filter and lots of contrast to add a personal touch to this photograph. With this editing style, the sky is most often blown out. In this case, it is not a problem, because the sky was nothing to write home about, and adds to the artistic element of the photo, all the while placing the focus on the tower itself.




Time change!

You know what I, as a photographer, love most about Daylight Savings Time? Long, summer nights.. perfect for shooting gorgeous sunset portraits that can only occur at this time of year. Before this happens, shoots have to come to an end around 5 or 6, but when the long summer days finally come into play, a shoot can last until 7 or 8 in the evening! So exciting 🙂

Don’t forget to set your clocks Saturday night everyone!








Attention, couples!

I’ve been noticing too many couples not having engagement portraits done before their wedding. Engagement portraits are almost as important as the actual wedding photos! Besides being able to use them for save the dates and invitations, it is one of the happiest times of your lives with the fresh excitement of being newly engaged.

In hopes of changing this, booking 2012 weddings will include a FREE engagement session with your package.

As always, feel free to contact me for questions or more info.

Couples’ shoot: Jocelyn and Jose

Photographing this couple was such an honor; they are the epitome of a happy couple. They were so at one with each other and emotions came so naturally. I spent most of my time sitting back firing my shutter and watching them together! I found myself smiling the entire time I spent editing these photos. It’s shoots like these that really make me realize why I love what I do!